Precautions for power cables during storage and transportation


The storage and transportation is very important for power cable, if the two links have problem will damage the quality of the power cable, then what is the problems need to pay attention in the storage and transportion of electrial power cable
1, in the storage of power cable must not with acid、alkali、mineral oil and other substances、corrosive substances in contact.
2, the storage of power cables do not have the presence of harmful gases.
3, wire and cable as far as possible not to open , and the cable tray can not be flat.
4, in the custody of the power cable during the regular rolling must be.
5, the power cable storage time is generally the date of the factory began no more than one year and a half, the longest not more than two years.
6, in the transport process should not let cable or cable tray directly from the height down to throw, because it may lead to insulation, sheath split.


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