what is copperweld cable


Copperweld cable, Copperclad Steel Wire is a strong, non-rusting, efficient grounding conductor.  It is composed of Coppercladding that is permanently bonded to the central steel core of each wire.  Copperclad provides the same conductivity and corrosion resistance as copper while maintaining the high strength of steel.  Dead Soft Annealed (DSA) Copperclad Steel Wire is very flexible for easy preparation and installation.

When compared to solid copper, Copperclad Steel Wire has faster impedance to ground for better protection of lines and equipment plus a higher resistance to thermal expansion failures.  It also reduces the fatigue damage caused by more than 10 times that of annealed solid copper.

Copperclad Steel Wire is an excellent solution for areas with high rates of copper theft as the amount of copper used in the bonding process is minimal—6% to 10% depending on the conductivity.  When Copperclad Steel Wire is used in place of copper, the grounding conductor is far less likely to be stolen.  This feature is important not only from an economic standpoint, but also from the standpoint of safety and reliability.  Often, the fact that a copper downlead has been removed is not evident until a surge current causes a failure in the system.


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