How to choose a suitable power cable for your device


Low voltage power cables are widely used in different industries to distribute power from the main power supply to different devices and equipment.

When we selecting suitable power cable, several factors should be considered.  including the voltage rating, current carrying capacity, insulation material, 

conductor sectional area and type, and the cable's ability to withstand environmental factors.

Following are regular models of low voltage power cables:

PVC-insulated cables: These cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and are commonly used in buildings, power distribution networks, and industrial plants.

XLPE-insulated cables: These cables have excellent electrical properties and are suitable for use in high-temperature environments. They are commonly used in power transmission 

and distribution networks, as well as in industrial applications.

Armored cables: These cables have an additional layer of protection in the form of a metal armor(Steel wire armored power cable, steel tape armored power cable, 

Aluminium wire armored power cable, Aluminium tape armored power cable, Tinned copper ECC armored power cable, interlock armored power cable), which provides 

mechanical protection against impact, abrasion, and crushing. They are commonly used in harsh environments such as mining, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.


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