Aluminum Core Single Phase Concentric cable

Aluminum Core Single Phase Concentric cable


Aluminum Core Single Phase Concentric cable formed by one phase core of insulated aluminum conductor, and one neutral core of concentric conductor. The concentric aluminum wires are arranged in a helical shape around the phase core and covered by thermoplastic sheath.

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1. Conductor of Phase Core

Condition: concentrically stranded conductor, compact and uncompact available

Material: AAC(Aluminum 1350-H19) in most scenario. Aluminum Alloy(6201-T81) or Aluminum Alloy 8000 series available on request

2. Insulation

Condition: Extruded chemical compound

Material: XLPE, HDPE, LDPE or PVC on request,

Core identification: color code, printed numbers as per requirement

3. Neutral Core of concentric wires

Condition: helical concentric wires

Material: Aluminum 1350-H19 , Aluminum Alloy 6201-T81 or Aluminum Alloy 8000series as per requirement

4. Separator

Condition: longitudinal wrapped tapes

Material: Polyester tape, Non-woven fabrics, Fiber glass tape or any other kind of tape on customer’s request

5. Sheath

Condition: Extruded chemical compound

Material: PVC, HDPE, or LDPE on request,

Marking on surface of cable to be specified by customer.


Standards Applicable:

ICEA S-95-658

ICEA S-66-524

UL 854

IEC 60502-1



Non-returnable wood drums, wood drums steel frame reinforced or steel drums as per request

Length Tolerance per drum ± 2%

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